Bobcat 863 Problems

Bobcat 863 is a popular skid steer loader among construction and landscaping industries due to its adaptability and efficiency. Despite its benefits, Bobcat 863 has been reported to have some common issues that can result in significant downtime and expensive repairs if not rectified promptly. This article will provide an overview of the most commonly encountered Bobcat 863 problems as well as their solutions for avoiding or mitigating them.

Are you curious to know about the most common Bobcat 863 problems? Keep reading to find out!

Problem Cause Solution
Hydraulic issues Low hydraulic fluid level or leaks Check the hydraulic fluid level, replace or repair the damaged hydraulic lines
Electrical problems Dead battery or faulty alternator Check the battery and alternator, replace if necessary
Engine issues Dirty air filter, clogged fuel filters or faulty injectors Replace the air and fuel filters, clean or replace the injectors
Drive system problems Damaged drive belts or worn-out tires Replace the drive belts, check and replace the tires if necessary
Overheating Clogged radiator or low coolant level Clean the radiator or add more coolant as needed

Common Bobcat 863 Problems and Solutions

common bobcat 863 problems and solutions
common bobcat 863 problems and solutions

Hydraulic Issues

Bobcat 863 owners often encounter hydraulic issues. These can be caused by low fluid levels and leaks in the hydraulic lines. To prevent such problems, it is important to check the fluid level regularly and repair/replace any damaged lines if necessary. Taking these simple steps will help ensure that Bobcat 863 owners can avoid costly repairs due to hydraulic issues.

Electrical Problems

The Bobcat 863 is known to have electrical issues. These are commonly caused by either a dead battery or a faulty alternator. To address this issue, it is essential to check both the battery and the alternator of the machine, and replace them if necessary. This will ensure that your Bobcat 863 is functioning correctly and safely.

Engine Issues

Bobcat 863s are prone to having engine issues, such as dirty air filters, clogged fuel filters, and faulty injectors. To ensure the optimal performance of their Bobcat 863’s engine, it is important for owners to regularly replace or clean the air and fuel filters, as well as the injectors when necessary. By taking these preventive measures they can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing costly engine problems in their vehicles.

Drive System Problems

The Bobcat 863 is susceptible to drive system problems if its drive belts become damaged or its tires wear out. To ensure optimal functioning of the vehicle, it’s important for owners to replace their worn-out drive belts and regularly inspect and replace any tires that appear to be damaged or worn. If these measures are taken in a timely manner, operators can rest assured that their Bobcat 863 will continue running smoothly.


The Bobcat 863 is prone to overheating, which can be caused by a clogged radiator or low coolant levels. To ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of damages due to heat, it is important to regularly check and maintain the radiator and coolant levels. If these issues occur, they should be addressed promptly with cleaning of the radiator or adding more coolant as necessary. This will help maximize engine efficiency while preserving its longevity.

Importance of Regular Maintenance for Bobcat 863

  • Bobcat 863 owners should ensure that they perform regular maintenance to avoid potential problems.
  • Ensuring timely attention to any issues can help reduce downtime and repair costs for Bobcat 863 owners.
  • Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and service is essential in order to maintain a functional Bobcat 863 machine.

Fixing Common Bobcat 863 Problems

Bobcat 863 is a powerful machine, but it requires regular maintenance in order to function correctly. Many of the problems that can occur with this machine have been outlined in this article, along with suggestions for resolving them. Making sure to address any issues as soon as they arise and conducting routine maintenance can help prevent larger repair costs and avoid extended periods of downtime.

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