Jlg Fault Codes

JLG is one of the leading manufacturers of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, and other construction equipment. To ensure optimal performance, it’s important to understand JLG fault codes. This guide provides an overview of how to interpret them, common codes you may come across, and tips for troubleshooting problems. With a thorough understanding of JLG fault codes and proper maintenance practices, operators can help maximize safety and productivity on the job site.

Most Common JLG Fault Codes

most common jlg fault codes
most common jlg fault codes
Code Description
212 Boom lift function is not working
355 Machine is not level
434 Engine oil pressure is low
513 Brake pedal is stuck
632 Battery voltage is too low
732 Platform overload
944 Steering wheel calibration is out of range
1233 Tilt sensor is faulty

Understanding JLG Fault Codes

JLG Equipment’s fault code system is an effective tool for technicians to troubleshoot any potential issues with the machinery. When a fault occurs, the machine’s control system records a code that can be displayed on its control panel which assists in quickly identifying and resolving the problem. The codes are easily accessible so that technicians can save time diagnosing and repairing machines, leading to more efficient maintenance of JLG equipment.

Common JLG Fault Codes

JLG machines can be subject to dozens of different fault codes, but some are more common than others. The table above provides a comprehensive overview of the most frequently encountered JLG fault codes and their descriptions, allowing for quick identification and resolution. With this information at hand, users will be able to identify and address any issues swiftly in order to ensure optimal performance from their JLG machine.

Troubleshooting and Fixing JLG Fault Codes

It is important to consult the machine’s manual if a fault code appears on a JLG machine. The manual provides detailed instructions for troubleshooting and fixing the issue, in addition to recommending when it may be necessary to contact an experienced technician for repairs. To avoid potential issues that can trigger fault codes, regular inspections, maintenance and repairs should be performed as part of routine equipment care. This will help keep your machine functioning properly and extend its lifespan.

The Importance of Understanding JLG Fault Codes

Understanding the fault codes associated with JLG equipment is of utmost importance to those who work with it. Without proper diagnosis and resolution, safety hazards, increased downtime, and costly repairs may arise. Investing time in learning about JLG fault codes and how to correct them can help ensure that the equipment runs safely and efficiently.

Troubleshooting JLG Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide

JLG fault codes are an invaluable resource for identifying and resolving problems with JLG equipment. By familiarizing oneself with these codes and how to effectively troubleshoot them, users of the equipment can ensure its safe and efficient operation. It is of paramount importance to always consult the manual that came with the machine in order to follow proper maintenance procedures in order to avoid any future issues.

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