John Deere 9650 STS Problems

John Deere’s 9650 STS combine is an advanced harvesting machine that offers a variety of features to make harvest season easier. This powerful and versatile combine provides farmers with 290 horsepower PowerTech™ engine and a 250-bushel grain tank, enabling them to efficiently process many types of grains such as barley, canola, canary, coriander corn, flaxseed lentils oats peas rice soy beans and more!

The John Deere 9650 STS combines come with the renowned engineering legacy of John Deere farming equipment. The combination of easy adjustable settings for improved crop production makes this piece of equipment one that will provide dependable service for years to come. As part of its commitment to continual improvement in the farming industry, John Deere has designed this model with excellent performance capabilities allowing every farmer access to maximum efficiency during their harvest season.

However, John Deere 9650 STS Combine Problems are becoming more and more common. The John Deere 9650 STS combine is a great piece of machinery, but it is not infallible. It can have problems with its internal components, which can lead to reduced productivity and even errors in the field. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common John Deere 9650 STS combine problems and how you can solve them. By doing so, you can avoid potential problems and keep your machines running smoothly.

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What Are John Deere 9650 STS Combine Harvester Problems?

what are john deere 9650 sts combine harvester problems
what are john deere 9650 sts combine harvester problems?

John Deere 9650 STS combine harvesters may experience problems from time to time such as an inability to engage or disengage the blades, an inability to move across the field and an inability to collect crops. There may also be problems with the John Deere 950 STS filters. While some of these issues can be addressed with minor repairs, more serious problems may require professional service by a certified technician.

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John Deere 9650 STS Combine Harvester Troubleshooting and Fixes

john deere 9650 sts combine harvester troubleshooting and
john deere 9650 sts combine harvester troubleshooting and fixes

If you’re experiencing problems with your John Deere 9650 STS Combine Harvester, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

  1. Check the engine air filter. If it’s dirty or if the cover isn’t fitting properly, the air flow into the engine may be impaired and cause trouble. Replace the air filter if needed.
  2. Make sure all of the spark plugs are firing correctly. A bad spark plug can cause misfires and other problems with the engine. Check each plugg when you do your annual tune-up.
  3. Check for clogged oil filters or leaking seals on the engine block or crankshaft pulley wheel. A build-up of debris over time can cause these problems, and they will need to be fixed in order for the combine to operate properly.
  4. Make sure that all moving parts on the combine are lubricated and free from debris buildup. This includes gears, shafts, bearings, and couplers between different parts of the machine.

Regular filter maintenance is necessary to prevent problems with the John Deere 9650 STS. You can continue reading our article for details about filter maintenance and replacement times.

John Deere 9650 STS Filter Maintenance and Replacement

john deere 9650 sts filter maintenance and replacement
john deere 9650 sts filter maintenance and replacement


The 9650 STS Primary Air Filter (AH148880) should be replaced every 400 hours, or when the engine air filter light stays ON. The Secondary Air Filter (RE63932), for both the 9650 models, should only be changed in conjunction with a new Primary Filter being installed. For those using the High Capacity model of either filters, AH164062 is the corresponding replacement for the Primary Air Filter and AH164063 for the Secondary Air Filter.


The CAB AIR FILTER RECIRCULATION AIR FILTER (AH115836) should be cleaned or replaced every 200 hours, or as required. The HEAVY DUTY AIR FILTER (AH168783) and the STANDARD AIR FILTER (AH115833) should be cleaned or replaced after 50 hours, or as needed. Regular maintenance of these filters is essential to ensure optimal performance of the equipment.


This notice concerns the hydrostatic pump, engine gearcase and hydraulic filter oil filter (model AH128449). All three of these filters should be replaced every 400 hours for optimal performance. It is recommended that all 3 filters are replaced at the same time in order to ensure consistency across all components. Failing to replace these filters as instructed could cause significant damage or failure to the system.


This oil filter (9650) is designed for engines 6081HH005 and 6081HH006 up to engine serial number -199999. It should be replaced every 200 hours. If the fuel contains more than 0.5% sulfur, it is recommended that the oil be changed every 100 hours rather than 250 hours when using TORQ-GARD SUPREME PLUS-5W. For engines 6081HH012 and 6081 HH013 with engine serial numbers from 200000 onwards, RE509672 is the appropriate filter and replacement interval remains at 200 hours or less depending on fuel composition.


Engine fuel filters are essential components for the proper functioning of engines 6081HH005, 6081HH006 up to engine serial number -199999. The primary and secondary fuel filter models AR86745 and RE522372 should be used from engine serial number 200000 and above, respectively. Additionally, a primary fuel filter model R502778 should be used up to engine serial number -232462 for Engine 6081HH012 as well as from engine serial number 200000 for Engine 6081HH013. Secondary fuel filter models RE522688 and RE522687 are also needed from engine serial numbers 232463- and 200000- respectively for both Engines 6081HH012 and 081HH013. Finally, a Fuel Water Separator Filter model RE500186 is required for 9650 ( -695500). All these filters must be replaced every 500 hours in order to guarantee optimal performance of the desired engines.

John Deere 9650 Performance

john deere 9650 performance
john deere 9650 performance

The John Deere 9650 combine is a reliable and durable piece of farming equipment. With its advanced engineering and user-friendly design, it ensures minimal grain loss while harvesting crops with fewer passes, saving labor costs and fuel. Its exceptional maneuverability allows farmers to work on uneven ground, hills or flat land with great control while maintaining the programmed speed. The materials used in this machine prevent rusting or breakdowns so that farmers can feel confident that their crops are safe during harvest. Farmers can be sure they will get the most out of their crop when using the JD 9650 combine in their fleet.

The advanced technology of the John Deere 9650 combine brings many benefits to both large scale and small operations farms alike by increasing efficiency, reducing labor costs and time spent in the field all together. This state-of-the art farming equipment offers enhanced features such as excellent handling capabilities which make it ideal for use on any terrain type without compromising performance quality or reliability due to its advanced engineering techniques integrated into its design making it an essential addition to any farm’s fleet for optimal results throughout every season.

The John Deere 9650 STS is a highly successful combine that has been well-received by farmers for its performance and cost effectiveness. However, as with any machine, the John Deere 9650 STS is not perfect and some problems have been reported. These include issues related to fuel system reliability, hydraulic system operations, power take off components, drive train malfunctions and electrical faults. The best approach for dealing with these problems is to contact an experienced technician who can diagnose and repair any underlying issues. With regular maintenance being performed per the manufacturer’s instruction manual, most of these problems can be avoided in order to ensure optimal performance from your John Deere 9650 STS Combine Harvester.

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  1. I recently purchased a John Deere 9650 STS combine and it has been a great addition to our farm. It has great maneuverability and is able to handle different types of terrain with ease. I was, however, concerned about the potential for problems that were mentioned in the article. To try and avoid these issues, I have ensured that the filters are being changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that the machine is serviced regularly. I’ve also invested in a support team to help me with any potential problems that may arise. So far, I have had no issues with the machine and it has been running smoothly.


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