John Deere Loses Power When Blades Engaged

John Deere mower owners have recently experienced a serious issue when engaging their blades or PTO. When they do, the engine begins to lose power and knock terribly with RPMs dropping close to nothing. There has been no indication of any electrical issues, however the problem persists.

The owner has taken action to attempt resolution by cleaning out the deck for any potential binding, replacing air and fuel filters, changing oil, cleaning carburetor and even replacing fuel pump – all without success so far.

At this point it appears that there may be an issue with compression loss on the engine but until further investigation is conducted it is difficult to determine what could be causing it. Owners experiencing this issue are encouraged to seek assistance from a qualified technician or mechanic who can diagnose exactly what might be happening in order to restore proper functionality of their John Deere mowers.

Given the seriousness of this potential issue with John Deere’s lawnmowers, owners urged not only take appropriate steps towards understanding why there is power loss when engaging blades/PTO but also ensure that necessary maintenance services including tune-ups as well as filter replacements are completed at recommended intervals by authorized service personnel in order keep their units running optimally and reliably in future.

Suggested solutions about John Deere Blades Losing Power When Engaged

suggested solutions about john deere blades losing power when engaged
suggested solutions about john deere blades losing power when engaged

Check compression

In order to diagnose and solve this issue, a professional technician would check the compression of the engine to verify that it is within specifications. If not, corrective action will need to be taken in order for John Deere to operate correctly.

PTO switch is defective

This could be caused by one of two possible causes; either the PTO switch is defective or the switch for the reverse peddle is out of adjustment. The only other cause that has been identified in such an issue is a lack of battery power due to insufficient charging from the machine itself. In order to properly diagnose and solve this issue, it would be best to take John Deere into an authorized service center where they can assess and repair any potential problems with ease.

Park Brake Switch

The Park Brake Switch is the most likely source of this issue, as it must be correctly engaged for power to continue flowing. If any other component was causing the tractor not to turn over in the crank position, then that component would need to be addressed before power can be restored. It is important for all John Deere owners to check their brakes and related components regularly in order ensure optimal performance from their machinery.

Other Solutions

Fortunately, there is an easy fix that may not require any major repairs.

Mixing some Seafoam gas treatment into new gasoline and draining the lawn mower’s existing fuel tank can help to clean out any clogged fuel systems, bringing the engine back up to its optimum performance level. Here are three simple steps users can take:

  1. Purchase new gasoline and mix in some Seafoam gas treatment;
  2. Drain the lawn mower’s existing fuel tank;
  3. Fill with the new gas/Seafoam mix and crank the engine– this should help clear out any blockages or build-up in your system, leading to improved performance from your John Deere mower.

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  1. I recently had the same issue with my John Deere mower, where the engine would lose power when engaging the blades or PTO. I tried all the same steps as mentioned in the article, and nothing seemed to work. I eventually resorted to the Seafoam method, and it worked like a charm! There are a few instructional videos online about how to do it, like the one I included above. I highly recommend this method to anyone having similar issues with their John Deere mower.


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