Kubota Sidekick Problems & Troubleshooting

Kubota’s Sidekick is a powerful, reliable and user-friendly utility vehicle designed to assist with laborious tasks such as farming, digging, towing and dumping. As a trusted manufacturer of quality equipment, Kubota has developed the Sidekick for maximum performance and efficiency. However, despite its popularity among users for its many features and benefits there have been numerous Kubota Sidekick Problems reported that potential buyers should be aware of.

This article will provide an in-depth look at the Kubota Sidekick from the perspective of those who have encountered problems with it so that buyers can make an informed decision on whether or not this machine is a worthy investment for their hard earned money. Through analysis of all available data individuals are provided with knowledge about any potential limitations they may face when purchasing this vehicle allowing them to make an educated choice before making their purchase decision.

The Most Common Problems With the Kubota Sidekick

the most common problems with the kubota sidekick
the most common problems with the kubota sidekick

Kubota tractor model is a powerful machine, equipped with an impressive 48hp engine and CVT Plug transmission. The centrifugal clutch keeps the belts tight for minimal slippage, providing ease of use when operating. Its worry-free maintenance and upkeep make it an ideal purchase for first-time utility tractor owners.

However, some users have reported several Kubota Sidekick Problems, ranging from design flaws that make operation slightly more difficult to more serious engine problems that must be addressed in order to avoid further issues. With proper maintenance and upkeep, however, these reports can be minimized or avoided altogether.

1. The Small Doors

kubota sidekick the small doors
kubota sidekick the small doors

This vehicle has been designed to make running errands a simpler and more accessible experience. From deliberate design decisions, accessibility is made easier for the user. However, one area of complaint from users is that the doors are quite small. This was intended to provide unhindered access to the outside environment without having to leave the vehicle; however this may result in over-exposure to elements such as branches or other flying objects which can have negative effects on the user’s safety. Many buyers would have preferred larger doors for greater protection when using this vehicle.

2. Driving and Control Difficulties

kubota sidekick driving and control difficulties
kubota sidekick driving and control difficulties

The Kubota model is a popular choice for those looking for a sidekick tractor/mower. However, its performance in rough land and non-open-field applications has been noted as not being very responsive. Users have reported feeling of ‘jumpy’ when trying to navigate tight or densely wooded areas with the device, making it difficult to maneuver through such terrain efficiently.

In addition, the Kubota model features a safety feature called the speed governor which limits your speed when the seatbelt is not engaged. Although this feature was created to ensure user safety, it can be inconvenient and time consuming – especially if you are needing to drive from spot to spot quickly. Constant engagement and disengagement of the seatbelt takes up energy that could otherwise be spent using the device more productively.

Overall, while this Kubota model may provide satisfactory performance in general tractor/mowing applications; however, users should take into consideration its ability in rough lands or dense woods before investing in one for such purposes.

3. Difficulty Sourcing Replacement Parts

kubota sidekick difficulty sourcing replacement parts
kubota sidekick difficulty sourcing replacement parts

Kubota offers a limited warranty of two years or 500 hours of use, whichever comes first. While this coverage period is not as long as one may desire, it is still acceptable given the reliability of the Kubota product line. Despite high quality design and rigorous testing, users can still experience issues with parts failing unexpectedly. Unfortunately, many customers have experienced delays in receiving replacement parts from their local dealers which source these components directly from Kubota. The process and delivery speed for replacement parts could be improved by Kubota to provide customers with an enhanced level of satisfaction during times when they are urgently relying on their machines for critical tasks.

4. Safety Design Concerns

kubota sidekick safety design concerns
kubota sidekick safety design concerns

Kubota has made great advancements in tractor safety design with features such as a beefy front bumper, roll cage, and mesh back plate to protect users from items that could fall while towing. However, many people feel these elements are insufficient for use on rough terrain. The small doors coupled with seatbelts do not provide enough protection against being thrown out of the vehicle should it tip over. Therefore, beginners should exercise caution when driving Kubota tractors and make sure to drive at low speeds for maximum safety.

5. Overuse of Plastic Bodyparts

kubota sidekick overuse of plastic bodyparts
kubota sidekick overuse of plastic bodyparts

Kubota has managed to keep the price of tractors as low as possible, making it accessible to beginners. However, in order to reach that goal they have used certain plastic parts that may not be able to withstand intense impacts or shocks. The plastic used is of a high tensile strength but if an impact is too strong, it will likely damage or break it.

If Kubota had made more selective and thoughtful decisions about which parts of the machine should be made from plastic versus other materials, then this model could have been even more appealing for potential buyers who know they’ll need a machine that can stand up against some knocks and bumps.

6. Aesthetic Problems

kubota sidekick aesthetic problems
kubota sidekick aesthetic problems

Kubota’s Sidekick has been receiving a lot of attention lately, but not all of it is positive. Many users have commented on the aesthetics of the machine, noting that its design looks somewhat like an “upgraded gold cart” and appears to be pieced together out of random Lego blocks. This less than aesthetically pleasing look may make some users feel uneasy when driving or operating this vehicle.

However, Kubota has still designed the Sidekick with functionality in mind as well as durability. The finishing work is sleek and modern while also offering consistent performance and safety features for those using it daily. For many users who value practicality over aesthetic appeal, these characteristics are more important than what it looks like from the outside. But for others, putting more thought into making their vehicles look good could result in increased user satisfaction and pride when driving them around town.

7. Difficult Cleaning Maintenance

The design of this vehicle has been noted for its boxy style, which can lead to a number of issues with regards to performance. While it may be aesthetically pleasing, the shape leaves an abundance of hidden areas and crevices that are difficult to clean when exposed to rough or wooded terrain. The dirt and debris that accumulate in these spaces can cause clogging of filters and other components, resulting in increased maintenance requirements as well as decreased performance.

It is important to note that this issue is not just aesthetic but also affects the overall performance of the vehicle. Regular cleaning should be done in order to keep debris from gathering in unexpected places; however, due to its unique design this task may prove more challenging than expected. Therefore, users must take extra steps and precautions when using their vehicles on rougher terrains in order for optimal efficiency and performance.

8. The Engine Doesn’t Start

The engine not starting can be a source of frustration for Sidekick owners. It is important to maintain the vehicle in good order, employing regular maintenance practices, so as to avoid such issues. However, this problem is not unique to the Sidekick and can occur with any type of utility vehicle. By following a good routine you should have no trouble keeping your vehicle running when you need it most.

It is important to ensure that there is an adequate amount of fuel in the tank before attempting to start the engine, as a low fuel level can prevent successful combustion.

  • Old or stale fuel: If a Kubota RTV has been stored for an extended period of time and is now unable to start despite having enough fuel in the tank, it is likely due to degraded fuel. Replacing the old fuel with new, fresh fuel should resolve this issue.
  • Contaminated fuel: It is important to regularly check for any breach points in the fuel system, as contamination with water or dirt may occur. If particulate are present when taking a sample of fuel, it is advisable to discard the entire fuel tank and use fresh fuel.
  • Defective spark plug: The spark plug is an essential component of any vehicle, as it generates a tiny electric spark to ignite the fuel from the fuel injectors into the engine and start the combustion process. If this important part fails, then the engine will not be able to start, making replacement a necessity. Fortunately, replacement is inexpensive and easy; when replacing a spark plug, it is recommended to use a new one for optimal performance.
  • Check that the air intake is not blocked: The engine will not start if the blocked airflow restricts air intake, as it requires an accurate fuel-to-air ratio for ignition. It is necessary to clean out any obstructions that may have caused this blockage.

Kubota Sidekick Problems: Does it affect the purchase?

kubota sidekick problems
kubota sidekick problems

This machine is designed for slightly more rugged use and on rougher terrain, however there are some design problems that need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase. It is advised to look at other utility tractors around the same price range in order to find one better suited for needs. If, after considering the listed problems, it is still determined this machine fits one’s needs then it can be highly recommended as sturdy and reliable.

Troubleshooting and understanding the common Kubota Sidekick problems is important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. By following some simple steps, you can make sure that any issues are identified and dealt with quickly. It’s also important to remember that if a problem persists or worsens, it may be best to take your sidekick in for professional help. Taking these measures will ensure that your Kubota Sidekick remains reliable and safe on the road.

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  1. From what I have read, it appears that the Kubota Sidekick has a few design flaws that could be improved. I have experienced similar issues with my utility tractor, and I found that regularly cleaning the air intake and fuel tank helped to prevent buildup and clogging. It’s also important to make sure that the fuel you are using fresh and free of contamination. Additionally, I would suggest that Kubota consider using more durable materials for certain parts of the machine, such as the doors, to ensure that they are able to withstand even the toughest conditions.


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