2024 Honda Ridgeline Makeover: Expectations and Features

The pickup truck market is a battlefield, with the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado reigning supreme in the full-size category. However, in the realm of midsize pickups, it’s a wide-open frontier waiting to be conquered. Popular choices like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado have held their ground, and the resurgence of the Ford Ranger has added excitement for American consumers. But amidst this competition, the Honda Ridgeline has quietly carved its niche, often sparking debates about its authenticity as a “real truck” due to its SUV-like underpinnings.

In reality, the Honda Ridgeline has always been a solid, practical midsize truck, offering superb road manners and innovative cargo solutions. Now, the buzz is all about the rumored 2024 Honda Ridgeline redesign, potentially ushering in the truck’s third generation. So, what can you expect from the upcoming 2024 Ridgeline? Let’s dive into the details.

Is There a 2024 Honda Ridgeline Redesign?

is there a 2024 honda ridgeline redesign
is there a 2024 honda ridgeline redesign

To put it frankly, there’s a shroud of mystery surrounding the 2024 Ridgeline. Will it mark the inception of a new generation, or will it merely receive a facelift? While Honda has done a commendable job keeping the details under wraps, the automotive blogosphere is abuzz with speculations and leaks of an all-new Ridgeline.

Earlier this year, AutoBlog treated us to several spy photos of what appears to be a redesigned Ridgeline. These photos, taken on public roads, reveal a Honda Ridgeline with a refreshed and notable styling. To provide context, the last redesign of the Ridgeline happened in 2017 when the second generation was introduced. Given this timeline, it’s reasonable to assume that the 2024 Ridgeline may indeed be in line for a redesign, and these leaked photos could be the real deal.

A New Ridgeline Trailsport?

Honda introduced the “Trailsport” moniker for the 2022 Pilot and Passport, initially sparking excitement for rugged SUVs. However, the 2022 Trailsport models turned out to be mostly about appearances, featuring Firestone Destination LEs tires and basic off-road upgrades. This left many enthusiasts disappointed.

Thankfully, Honda redeemed itself with the 2023 Honda Pilot Trailsport, introducing substantial off-road enhancements like all-terrain tires, increased ground clearance, skid plates, and a softer front anti-roll bar. This turned the Pilot Trailsport into a genuinely capable off-road variant.

The good news is that the speculated Trailsport Ridgeline appears to follow in the footsteps of the 2023 Pilot Trailsport. It’s poised to offer functional off-road features, making it a compelling choice for adventure seekers. The spy photos even suggest elements like higher ground clearance and rugged design enhancements hidden under camouflaged front and rear bumpers.

While Honda hasn’t officially confirmed or denied these rumors, fans won’t have to wait long to find out more about the all-new 2024 Ridgeline.

What to Expect From the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Redesign?

what to expect from the 2024 honda ridgeline redesign
what to expect from the 2024 honda ridgeline redesign

As anticipation builds for the 2024 Ridgeline, let’s explore some of the speculations surrounding its specifications and features:

Improved Engine and Transmission

Honda has been equipping its newer SUVs and trucks, including the Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline, with a robust 3.5-liter V6 engine. Looking ahead, it’s reasonable to assume that the third-generation Ridgeline will feature the same potent engine as the 2023 Pilot, delivering a respectable 285 horsepower.

The inclusion of an eight-speed automatic transmission promises smoother road manners. Moreover, the Ridgeline is expected to come with all-wheel drive (AWD) as a standard feature, making it a versatile choice for drivers tackling various terrains.

Possibly a Hybrid Model

Speculation abounds within the Honda community regarding a hybrid Ridgeline model. While details remain scarce, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a hybrid Ridgeline with the 2024 model. Honda currently lacks V6 hybrid options, and while a 2.0 hybrid may eventually debut, it may not match the performance of a V6 hybrid. So, if a V6 hybrid is on your wishlist, you may have to wait until a complete redesign is in the cards, possibly around 2027.

Facelift With the Trailsport Ridgeline

The 2024 Ridgeline is expected to introduce a new Trailsport trim, focusing on off-road capabilities. Based on the spy photos circulating online, this Trailsport pickup is set to be the star of the facelift. It’s anticipated to equip the Ridgeline with features like all-terrain tires, increased ground clearance, and steel skid plates, transforming it into a genuine off-road warrior.

Redesigned Interior and Upgrades

Interior upgrades are on the horizon for the 2024 Honda Ridgeline. Taking cues from the 2023 Honda Pilot, the new model is likely to feature a modern and comfortable cabin.

For example, lower trim levels may come equipped with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, while higher trims could boast a luxurious 9.0-inch screen. Expect standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with integrated navigation available in top-tier models.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Availability

In conclusion, these speculations offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the 2024 Honda Ridgeline may bring to the table. Keep in mind that these are educated guesses, and details may evolve. The good news is that Honda plans to unveil the 2024 Ridgeline late this year, with sales beginning early next year. So, if you’re eager to explore the future of midsize pickups, your wait is nearly over.

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