Here are 7 alternative SUVs to the Kia Telluride: Which one is the best fit for you?

With its impressive safety features and spacious cargo capacity, the Kia Telluride is a top midsize SUV option. However, for those seeking alternatives to this model, it’s important to explore other options that may better suit their lifestyle. If you find yourself in this situation, you may wonder what other vehicles could compete with the Kia Telluride. Look no further – here are our top seven picks for the best alternatives to the Kia Telluride, catering to various needs and preferences in a midsize SUV.

Toyota Highlander

The first contender on the list of potential rivals for the Kia Telluride is a well-known and reliable brand, Toyota. The Highlander, with its spacious eight-seater capacity and abundance of safety features, offers a family-friendly option to consider. While it may not be the most exciting choice, it certainly stands out as one of the safest options in today’s market. Some notable features highlighted by include an impressive towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, advanced audio multimedia system from Toyota, and a sleek design with strong contours. With all these attributes combined, enjoying your ride in the Toyota Highlander is effortless. For those interested in owning this vehicle model, prices start at $36,620 – making it an attractive option for families seeking both comfort and security on their journeys.

Hyundai Palisade

The latest addition to the Hyundai family, the Palisade, offers a similar level of comfort and driving experience as its counterpart, the Kia Telluride. However, for those seeking a unique style for their vehicle’s appearance, the Palisade presents itself as an attractive option. With various opulent trim options available, owners can easily upgrade their car for enhanced features beyond what the basic version provides. Some notable features listed on include three rows of seating, second-row captain’s chairs and convenient phone-as-a-key functionality. Priced at $36,400 as a starting point, there is much to admire in this model that boasts ruggedness and luxury in equal measure.

Ford Explorer

Renowned for its iconic American heritage, Ford offers various superior alternatives to traditional vehicles. One such option is the highly sought-after Ford Explorer. This vehicle boasts top-notch driver assistance features across all trim levels, as well as an optional hybrid powertrain for those seeking a more eco-friendly driving experience. According to information from, some noteworthy features of the Ford Explorer include a powerful 400 horsepower performance, advanced technology designed to instill confidence in every drive, and the added convenience of the FordPass app. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that many drivers are drawn to this exceptional SUV. For those considering purchasing a Ford Explorer, they can expect a starting price of $36,760 for a reliable and robust car equipped with cutting-edge driver-assistance technologies.

Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse offers an ample amount of space and features for those seeking a midsize SUV with a larger size. With three rows inside, passengers will have plenty of room to comfortably sit in the vehicle. Despite its size, the Traverse maintains quick acceleration, making it a top choice for those looking to go big. At $50,495, this vehicle comes equipped with Chevy Safety Assist suite and technology packed interior that adds convenience and safety while traveling on the road. Additionally, the spacious cargo area is refined and perfect for storing all belongings during long trips or daily commutes. Overall, there are many reasons to enjoy the Chevrolet Traverse’s impressive offerings.

Honda Pilot

One of the top manufacturers in the automotive market, Honda is renowned for producing high-quality machines catered towards those seeking superior cars. The Honda Pilot stands as a formidable competitor to the Kia Telluride, offering exceptional visibility and effortless steering capabilities for individuals who prefer a straightforward driving experience on the road. On, one can discover various features incorporated into the design of the Honda Pilot: spacious seating for up to eight people, an impressive towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, and an available all-wheel drive system. With an affordable starting price of $37,090, this vehicle presents itself as an appealing option with its emphasis on improved visibility and safety technology for drivers.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

One of the top contenders in the Kia Telluride’s competition is the Jeep Grand Cherokee L. For those who have experienced driving a Jeep, its popularity and allure are well-known. With ample space for adults, eight inches of ground clearance, and a towing capacity of up to 7,000 pounds, the Grand Cherokee L offers versatility and functionality. According to information found on, this vehicle boasts traditional Jeep features as well as second-row bucket seats and rear-seat monitoring cameras. There are plenty of advantages to be had with the Grand Cherokee L. For those considering this option, it can be purchased starting at $42,130 – an updated version of the classic Jeep that now competes with other midsize SUV choices.

Volkswagen Atlas

Although the Atlas may not be known for its speed, it boasts lower trim levels and a spacious cargo area. It is certainly a formidable contender.

As stated on, the Volkswagen Atlas comes equipped with impressive features such as VW digital cockpit pro, IQ Drive technology, and refined design elements both inside and out.

One cannot help but admire this vehicle for all that it offers.

For those interested in owning a Volkswagen Atlas, it can be purchased at a reasonable starting price of $37,725. This makes it an undeniable investment worth considering.

Final Thoughts

In search for a more spacious interior or a more opulent driving experience, there are seven notable rivals of the Kia Telluride. Whether it be the Toyota Highlander or the Jeep Grand Cherokee L that captures one’s heart, there is surely an option here that would cater to their preferences.

It is hoped that this provided insight proves useful. Despite glowing reviews of certain cars, they may not always align with one’s desired style, features, or aesthetics. Fortunately, with numerous brands available in the market, there are ample alternatives to choose from. These seven options have emerged as top contenders against the Kia Telluride.

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