GMC Sierra Grande Concept: The Ultimate Off-Road Pickup

Just before the SEMA Show, an exciting new development emerged from American Expedition Vehicles. The company proudly announced its latest creation – the GMC Sierra Grande Concept, hailed as a “legendary overlanding rig.”

Through collaboration with GMC, AEV transformed the 2024 Sierra 2500 HD into the ultimate off-road adventure truck, perfect for navigating through remote and rugged terrain.

One of its most striking features is the replacement of the long bed with an aluminum tray measuring 8 feet in length. Additionally, AEV has ingeniously positioned the spare tire on a vertical mount behind the rearview window area on the driver’s side.

Underneath this impressive exterior lies a powerful engine – a 6.6-liter Duramax Diesel V8 capable of producing an astounding 470 horsepower and delivering up to 975 pound-feet of torque. To ensure maximum performance even under extreme off-roading conditions, AEV has included its signature Snorkel to keep clean air flowing to the engine.

Not only does this concept truck boast incredible capabilities but also outstanding protection measures. For example, it boasts a stamped steel front bumper inspired by their Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition launched earlier this year along with a prototype brush guard for added safety. In addition, borrowing from their AT4X edition design once again are sturdy front skid plates made from stamped steel for better undercarriage protection against rough terrains along with independent front-suspension and transfer case skid plates.

At the upcoming SEMA Show, a highly anticipated vehicle will be making its debut: the Sierra Grande Concept. This powerful and rugged truck is equipped with four 7000 series off-road lights on the front bumper, ensuring maximum visibility during even the darkest nights. And in case of getting stuck, drivers can rely on both a front ComeUp 12.5K winch and a rear ComeUp 9.5K winch for quick rescue.

One of the most impressive aspects of this concept truck is its suspension system. AEV worked closely with GMC engineers to incorporate various components from the Sierra HD AT4X model, such as control arms, steering knuckles, rear suspension, and Multimatic DSSV dampers. Through this collaboration, an extra 1.5 inches of lift was achieved over standard HD models – providing enough space to fit massive 40-inch BFGoodrich tires that are sure to turn heads at SEMA.

AEV has also made some notable modifications to enhance both aesthetics and functionality on this truck’s exterior. The stamped steel front bumper design mirrors that of their previous Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition while adding a prototype brush guard for additional protection. Further customization includes fitting Salta XD wheels on all four corners and installing prototype HighMark front fender flares for a more aggressive look.

Among other impressive features showcased by AEV at SEMA include their custom-made rear bumper along with an ARB onboard air system – perfect for inflating or deflating tires when necessary during off-roading adventures in remote areas where gas stations are not readily available.

The Sierra Grande Concept also boasts an eye-catching custom paint package designed by AEV themselves – further solidifying its status as one-of-a-kind showpiece at SEMA.

For those lucky enough to attend SEMA next month – October 31st through November 3rd at Las Vegas Convention Center – they can witness the unveiling of this incredible Sierra Grande Concept truck, which is sure to impress and inspire all off-road enthusiasts in attendance.

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