Gravely’s New Gas-Powered Skid Steers for Small Contractors

Unveiled at Equip Expo 2023, the new Axis 100 series from Gravely offers a gas-powered alternative to their previously released diesel-powered models. Running on a Kohler Command PRO CH730 engine, the Axis 100 series boasts a powerful performance with its 23.5-horsepower output.

Despite the difference in engines, both track and wheel options of the Axis 100 series still offer similar features as their diesel counterparts: the Axis 200 DT, Axis 200 DW, and Axis 200 DTN. These include a self-leveling boom/bucket, universal attachment plate, adjustable hydraulics for efficient power distribution, and two auxiliary hydraulic ports for motor- and cylinder-driven attachments.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, all models in the Axis series come equipped with intuitive controls such as two steering levers and a single joystick for easy boom control. Additionally, each model has an impressive lift height of approximately forty-eight inches when angled at forty-five degrees.

With a weight of just over two thousand pounds and tip loads ranging from one thousand to twelve hundred pounds depending on the model type (track or wheel), these compact utility loaders are perfect for professionals looking to expand their services without adding extra labor costs.

Grant Wilson from AriensCo is excited about how this new addition will benefit customers during times of drought or reduced business opportunities. He states that “the Gravely Axis 100 provides a cost-friendly solution that can open up multiple revenue streams by efficiently handling tasks like scooping materials or digging trenches.” And with its compact size allowing it to fit onto most trailers easily, this versatile machine truly lives up to being compared to a trusty Swiss Army knife.

Quick Specs

With a powerful 23.5 hp Kohler CommandPro CH730 gasoline engine, the Axis 100GW and Axis 100GT are efficient machines designed for heavy lifting tasks. Weighing in at either 1,855 lbs or 2,189 lbs depending on the model, these machines offer a maximum speed of 3.1 mph and 3.2 mph respectively. With impressive tipping capacities of up to 1,117 lbs and max lift capacities ranging from 430-558 lbs, these versatile machines are capable of handling even the toughest jobs with ease. The perfect combination of power and durability makes the Axis 100GW/Axis100GT an essential tool for any job site.

The Axis 200 DT and Axis 200 DW models are equipped with a powerful engine, the 25 hp Kubota D1105-E3B diesel. These machines have a weight of 2,525 lbs. and 2,125 lbs., respectively. With speeds of 3.5 mph and 3.2 mph, they are both efficient in getting the job done quickly and effectively. The tipping capacity for these models is impressive at 1,397 lbs. for the DT and slightly lower at 1,262 lbs. for the DW version. Additionally, these versatile machines have a maximum lift capacity of either 489lbs or an increased lifting power of up to631 lbs., depending on which model you choose.

The Axis 200 DTN is a powerful and versatile machine that boasts an impressive engine, the 25 hp Kubota D1105-E3B diesel. Weighing in at 2,465 lbs., this machine can reach speeds of up to 5.3 mph. Its tipping capacity is an impressive 1,420 lbs., while its maximum lift capacity stands at 497 lbs. With these capabilities, the Axis 200 DTN is able to handle heavy loads with ease and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for any job site or project.

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