JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights Meaning

JLG boom lifts are a vital tool for workers who need to access elevated areas in an efficient and safe manner. These powerful machines can reach heights up to 185 feet, and come with many safety features such as warning lights that alert operators of potential issues, helping them address it quickly before any harm is caused. In this article, we will discuss the different JLG boom lift warning lights and their meanings so that users can become more familiar with their equipment’s safety protocols.

Did you know that the warning lights on JLG boom lifts can help you identify and address equipment issues? Keep reading to learn more!

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Warning Light Meaning
Amber The boom is approaching its maximum height or the machine is not level.
Red The machine has a critical fault that requires immediate attention.
Green The machine is functioning normally.
Yellow The machine has a non-critical issue that needs attention, but it is still safe.

JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights Meaning

jlg boom lift warning lights meaning 1
jlg boom lift warning lights meaning

Amber Light

When the amber light on a JLG boom lift is illuminated, it is a warning that the machine may not be level or the boom is reaching its maximum height. If this occurs, it is critical to immediately stop using the machine as continued operation could cause damage and put workers in danger. It is essential to check for proper levels of tilt and adjust as necessary before restarting operations with the JLG boom lift.

Red Light

When the red light on a machine is illuminated, it indicates that there is a critical fault that requires immediate attention. Operating the machine with this fault can be dangerous and could lead to more damage. To protect yourself and the equipment, stop using the machine right away and have it serviced as soon as possible.

Green Light

Operators can be assured that the machine is functioning properly when the green light is illuminated. This provides peace of mind to operators and gives them confidence in using the machine.

Yellow Light

The yellow light indicates that there is a non-critical issue which needs attention, but the machine can still be operated safely. It is recommended to continue using the machine as usual, however it is best practice to schedule service as soon as possible in order to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Keeping Your JLG Boom Lift Safe and Efficient

  • Operators should be trained to understand the meaning of warning lights on JLG boom lifts for safe and efficient operation.
  • Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent critical faults from occurring, keeping the machine functioning correctly.
  • Taking the time to properly train operators on warning light meanings is essential to ensure that they are able to respond appropriately in all circumstances.

JLG Boom Lift Warning Lights: A Crucial Safety Feature

JLG boom lifts are powerful machines that come with many safety features, including warning lights. It is important for operators to understand the meaning behind each light in order to identify and address any issues quickly and safely. If a red light is illuminated, this is an indication of a potential problem and the machine should be stopped immediately; it should then be serviced as soon as possible. By understanding how JLG boom lift warning lights work, operators can ensure their equipment remains safe while they do their job efficiently.

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