Kubota Z726x Problems

While the Kubota Z726x is a great machine, it does have its issues. While some of Kubota Z726x problems can be resolved without outside help, others may require professional assistance. Knowing which problems to look out for helps you keep your Kubota running smoothly and efficiently. With routine maintenance and proper troubleshooting techniques, you can ensure that your Kubota will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

The most common Kubota Z726X problems to know about:

  1. The engine is not starting
  2. Engine stops suddenly
  3. Poor fuel economy
  4. Engine dies when taking the foot off the parking brake
  5. Insufficient or lower engine power
  6. Provide unevenly cut
  7. The machine does not move while the engine is running
  8. Engine overheats
  9. Battery electrolyte level drops rapidly

The Quick Troubleshooting Guide For Kubota Z726X Problems

the quick troubleshooting guide for kubota z726x problems
the quick troubleshooting guide for kubota z726x problems

Kubota Z726x tractors are known to experience problems, especially in cold weather. Common issues include poor fuel economy, difficulty starting the engine, lower power output of the engine and sudden stopping of the engine. To minimize chances of these occurrences and ensure optimal performance, it is highly recommended that owners regularly maintain their Kubota Z726x tractor and tune it as needed. This will help reduce the likelihood of any unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions.

1. Kubota Z726X Engine Is Not Starting

kubota z726x engine is not starting 1
kubota z726x engine is not starting

If a Kubota Z726x engine is not starting, there could be a few things preventing it from firing up. It may be due to insufficient power from the battery or an issue with the machine itself. Fortunately, if you’re unsure of what’s causing the problem, there are some steps that can help rectify this issue:


  • The parking brake lever is not in the proper position
  • The PTO switch is not in the position
  • The battery becomes weak and doesn’t turn over quick enough
  • No fuel
  • The key switch is not in the proper position


  • Parking Brake: check that it’s in its proper place and start your engine again.
  • PTO: engage it on its switch and try starting your mower again.
  • Bad Battery: clean cables/terminators then recharge before taking to service center for further assessment/replacement.
  • No Fuel: check fuel level using dipstick; refill as needed.
  • Ignition Key: ensure that it’s placed properly before trying to start engine again.

2. Engine Stops Suddenly

kubota z726x engine stops suddenly
kubota z726x engine stops suddenly

The Kubota Z726x engine has exhibited sudden stoppages, which have been attributed to fuel system issues such as faulty injectors and clogged filters.
Numerous instances of Kubota Z726x engines failure have been reported due to malfunctions in the fuel system components.


  • Insufficient fuel


  • The fuel level should be checked to ensure that there is enough oil in the engine. If the oil needs refilling, it should be done immediately and meticulously. Additionally, one must also check the carburetor fuel value; if it is in the wing position, repositioning may be necessary. In cases where the fuel level appears to be alright but a serious problem persists, such as an engine seizure, professional assistance may be required for freeing and repairing of the machinery.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

kubota z726x poor fuel economy
kubota z726x poor fuel economy

The Kubota Z726x is renowned for its 4-stroke gasoline engine, with a 44L fuel tank capacity that provides impressive fuel economy. Unfortunately, some recent owners have reported that their machines perform poorly and require more fuel to maintain the same level of efficiency. The likely causes of this issue are:


  • Fuel hose or filter clogged/damaged
  • Low quality oil


  • Insufficient fuel: Refill the engine fuel
  • Low quality oil: Use lawn mower oil recommended by Kubota

4. Engine Dies When Taking the Foot Off the Parking Brake.

kubota z726x engine dies when taking the foot off the parking brake.
kubota z726x engine dies when taking the foot off the parking brake.

The Kubota Z726x engine was found to stall when the foot brake was released following parking, this issue brought to light by a customer attempting to start the engine without using the foot brake. Upon uncovering this problem, further investigations are being conducted in order to identify and resolve any underlying issues with the Kubota Z726x engine.


  • Check mower electric circuits


  • Electric circuits: The mower electric circuits should be checked to ensure they are in working order. If any damaged cables are found, they must be fixed immediately; if the issue persists, it is recommended that the Kubota service center is visited for further analysis.

5. Insufficient or Lower Engine Power

kubota z726x insufficient or lower engine power
kubota z726x insufficient or lower engine power

Owners of the Kubota Z726x have reported insufficient engine power. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including worn-out components or inadequate maintenance. If you are experiencing this issue with your Kubota Z726x, it is important to check the fuel, air filter and spark plug as they may be contributing to the problem.

Possible causes:

  • Dirty air filter
  • The fuel Filter is clogged
  • Bad spark plug


  • Dirty air filter: Clean or replace the air filter
  • The fuel Filter is clogged: Replace the fuel filter
  • Bad spark plug: Fix or replace the spark plug

6. Provide Uneven Cut

kubota z726x provide uneven cut
kubota z726x provide uneven cut

The Kubota Z726x tractor is a powerful and reliable machine that can handle significant workloads. However, one owner recently reported an issue with the machine cutting unevenly and causing damage to their fields. In order to address this problem, it’s important to identify the causes before looking for solutions.


  • Mower deck is not level
  • Tire pressure is not equal
  • Blades are dull
  • Damaged blades


  • Mower deck: Measure mower deck height on a flat surface and adjust as needed with lift link change nut.
  • Tire pressure: Measure tire pressure and adjust if needed.
  • Blades: Sharpen or replace blades after 25 hours of usage, as worn blades provide an uneven cut and impact grass health negatively.
  • Damaged blades: Replace any damaged or broken edges as soon as possible due to safety concerns.

7. The Machine Does Not Move While the Engine Is Running

The Kubota Z726x lawnmower has been observed to not move when the engine is running, as noted during its use on a recently cut lawn.
An investigation into this issue revealed that there are several possible causes for the mower’s inability to move when in operation.
To identify and diagnose the exact cause of this issue, it is important to inspect various components such as the transmission, driveshaft and brake pedal assembly of the mower.


  • Parking brake on
  • Insufficient transaxial fluid
  • Transaxle bypass arm is activated


  • It is essential to check the parking brake before starting a mower; if it’s on, it should be released in order for the mower to move.
  • Transaxle fluid is used in self-shifting or automatic transmissions and needs to be checked periodically; if there isn’t sufficient fluid, the parts cannot move as intended and should be refilled accordingly.
  • The transaxle bypass lever must always remain deactivated unless you need access to the transmission bypass level – this ensures that the mower can move properly when engaged by its operator.

8. Engine Overheats

Kubota Z726x engines are prone to overheating which can lead to serious issues. It is imperative that any time the engine of a Kubota Z726x overheats, it be taken immediately to a certified mechanic for an inspection and diagnosis. If corrective action isn’t taken quickly, significant damage could result from the extreme heat produced by an overheated engine. To ensure your Kubota Z726x runs optimally, take it for regular maintenance checks and address any potential problems promptly.


  • Overloaded engine
  • Insufficient engine oil
  • Operating ground speed to so fast


  • Overloaded engines can consume too much power at one time, causing them to overheat and malfunction.
  • The most effective solution for this issue is to reduce the load or increase the runtime, allowing for better cooling of the engine.
  • Insufficient engine oil should also be monitored; always check levels before operating a mower and replenish as necessary in order to maintain optimal performance.
  • Finally, remember that driving ground speed too fast can lead to overheating; ensure you are following all recommended speeds when running your mower machine in order to avoid potential damage from excessive heat buildup inside the engine compartment.

9. Battery Electrolyte Level Drops Rapidly

Many Kubota Z726x owners are facing the problem of rapid electrolyte level drops in their batteries. This is occurring frequently and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, it can cause permanent damage to the battery and may even lead to premature replacement costs. It is recommended that those experiencing this issue should have their batteries serviced promptly to avoid further complications or losses.


  • There are cracks in pinholes in the electrolytic cells.
  • Bad charging system


  • Cracks pin holes: The broken pin holes in the electrolytic cells cannot be fixed and it is recommended that they are replaced as soon as possible. The cost of replacing the battery typically ranges between $60 – $70.
  • Bad charging system: It is essential to ensure that the cringing system is in good condition, as any faulty systems can cause damage to the battery cell. To avoid this, Kubota owners should visit their local service center and construct a reliable charging system.

In conclusion, the Kubota Z726x is a powerful machine that can be used for a variety of jobs. While it’s not without Kubota Z726x problems, many of them can be easily remedied with proper maintenance and regular servicing. With the right care, you should have years of reliable performance from your Kubota Z726x.

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