Mecalac’s New eS1000 Swing Loader Goes Electric

Based on a previous diesel-powered model, Mecalac has recently launched the eS1000 electric swing loader with a capacity of 1.3 cubic yards. This new addition is part of their e Series range which includes other medium-sized, all-electric equipment such as the 11-ton e12 excavator and the 6-ton eD6 site dumper. These products were first introduced at Bauma 2022 alongside the M-Power battery charging and power storage system. By utilizing three electric machines on an urban worksite, it is estimated that an average of 64 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved annually compared to using equivalent diesel equipment.

The eS1000 runs on a powerful 75 kWh battery, allowing for up to eight hours of continuous operation by optimizing energy consumption specifically for construction tasks. It is specifically designed for indoor use and sensitive environments where zero emissions are required, as well as reduced noise and vibrations. Its unique side positioning arm and bucket enable it to swivel a full 180 degrees in either direction while in four-wheel-steering mode with a tighter turning radius than regular articulated loaders.

Thanks to its innovative design, this swing loader offers two additional steering modes: two-wheel and four-wheel crabbing. Once the rear axle is locked in place, objects lifted by the bucket can be turned around without compromising stability even when fully rotated wheels are employed. This allows for increased efficiency and improved logistics particularly on compact city jobsites where space is limited. In fact, Mecalac’s aim with their swing loader concept was to minimize non-value-added maneuvers by incorporating boom swinging capabilities instead of having to maneuver the entire machine itself.

Quick Specs:

The innovative Swing Loader technology promotes efficiency by minimizing unnecessary movements, resulting in significant improvements across various aspects. These include reduced cycle times, noise levels, visual disturbances, maintenance costs and potential safety hazards. Additionally, the use of this architecture also has a positive impact on the environment.

To enhance both comfort and visibility for operators, Mecalac has designed a spacious cab with two doors. This feature not only prioritizes convenience but also enables better visibility for increased accuracy during operation.

With an operating weight of 15,620 pounds and battery capacity of 75 kwH, the Swing Loader is equipped to handle heavy loads with ease. Its compact width of 6’6″ allows for easy maneuvering even in tight spaces while maintaining high lift capacities at maximum heights of 11’4″. The machine’s tipping load (with standard bucket) reaches up to 9,480 pounds and offers a generous volume of 1.3 cubic yards. All these features are made possible by the efficient swing boom design incorporated into its structure.

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