Toro Narrow Dingo Attachments: For Tight Spaces

Offering convenience and efficiency to contractors, a new line of narrow 30-inch attachments has hit the market from Toro. Purposely designed for indoor demolition and construction jobsites, these attachments are set to make tasks smoother and faster.

Compatible with all Dingo models except the TXL 2000, these new attachments have been specifically tailored for the eDingo 500 compact utility loader, which also boasts the same width. This compatibility ensures ease of use for operators.

The attachment line includes a range of essential tools such as an adjustable fork, grapple bucket, floor scraper, and standard bucket. What makes this line unique is its ability to fit through a standard 3-foot-wide door – making it ideal for tight indoor spaces.

While three out of four attachments are already available in the market – including adjustable forks, grapple bucket, and floor scraper – customers will have to wait until January 2024 before they can get their hands on the standard bucket. According to Sam Dando – senior marketing manager at Toro – this innovative product line will revolutionize indoor work on construction sites by providing access through smaller doors with greater speed thanks to improved versions of popular versatile Toro attachments.

Standard Bucket

The 30-inch standard bucket, boasting a capacity of just under 3 cubic feet, is highly regarded by Toro as an exceptional tool for efficiently transporting various materials such as concrete, rock, dirt, and sand on the jobsite. Its narrow width enables seamless maneuvering through doorways and confined areas.

Equipped with a robust hardened steel cutting edge, the bucket boasts impressive cutting and digging capabilities. This well-designed feature ensures optimal performance while tackling tough tasks.

30-inch Adjustable Forks

Designed specifically for the eDingo 500, these 30-inch forks offer a versatile solution for navigating tight indoor spaces during construction and demolition projects. Crafted from durable high-strength steel materials, these adjustable forks provide operators with the ability to effortlessly transport various materials such as debris and pallets across the worksite.

With its user-friendly design, these adjustable forks make it simple for operators to maneuver through small areas and efficiently complete material handling tasks. Constructed with top-quality materials, they ensure long-lasting durability even in heavy-duty environments. These adaptable forks are an essential addition to any eDingo 500 machine, providing users with added convenience and efficiency on job sites of all sizes.

Floor Scraper

The tool enables efficient removal of various types of flooring, making it suitable for a wide range of preparation tasks. The add-on is particularly effective in eliminating vinyl, quarry, ceramic tile, carpet squares, paint and more.

Equipped with a floating blade holder mechanism, the blades maintain their levelness even when the e-Dingo encounters uneven terrain while operating. Additionally, its three-position design enables precise material removal near walls. With four 31.8 lb weights attached to increase pressure and power for the attachment, productivity is enhanced.

To accommodate different stages of work at hand, multiple sizes and types of blades are available as options. A 24-inch blade holder comes included upon purchase for added convenience and versatility. Swapping out blades is made simple with the built-in quick attach mounting plate feature offered by Toro.

30-inch Grapple Bucket

Constructed with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, the 30-inch grapple bucket is a reliable and versatile tool for any contractor. Perfectly suited for a variety of projects, this bucket effortlessly grabs, drags, lifts and removes all types of demolition debris and materials on residential, commercial and demolition sites. Its sturdy design allows for efficient handling of heavy loads while ensuring maximum durability under tough working conditions. With its superior performance capabilities, the 30-inch grapple bucket is an essential addition to any contractor’s equipment arsenal.

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